about us

The Salem County Fire Academy is situated in rural Salem County (NJ) and provides education and training for all disciplines of the Emergency Services.


The Academy and its staff has been providing the fire service educational components to area fire companies and their firefighters for over fifty-five (55) years in one fashion or another. Dating back before the County begin construction of existing training buildings, the staff, comprised of volunteers, traveled about the County providing the fire fighters with Basic Fire Fighting skills training, in many cases utilizing acquired structures. With the passing of time volunteer instructors were finally compensated for their time and Academy Director positions established on a part time basis. In 2006, the County made the transition to a full time Academy Director. The staff currently is comprised of instructors diverse in their backgrounds, training, experience and fire service assignments. We strive to attain excellence and professionalism in all of our endeavors.


Our FF1 candidate program is a rigorous program which features not only the “required” firematic studies but founded upon a military like decorum, including PT & military drill.


Salem County Fire Academy Running Cadence